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Our neighborhood in Sejong: Rontelier

Rontelier: our neighborhood in Sejong 1

How did we get here?

I didn’t initially think about writing a post like this, but we had a nice walk around our apartment and found the shop sitting a few minutes from home. My sister came to stay with us for the weekend, yesterday(March 9th) on a leave. I was happy to greet her by the evening to play a movie with our wide-screen home theater. I also had my very own microwavable popcorn and soda pop set up by the table so that it feels like a home to chill and take a break. While we did that I thought we might go for a walk or a work-out after breakfast tomorrow. So today, we slept in until about 9:30 and later got out for a walk on which we found this place: a cafe with a nice ambiance of a boutique or a privately run bakery. I have been eyeing this place for a while now although I didn’t until today make an occasion to visit. It’s literally right across from the entrance of our apartment hub, along the corner of Saeddeum maeul (3rd village; and ours is the 4th).

So here, take a look.

Front of the store is catchy with the semi-modern set up with its exotic title. It’s certainly got an ambiance one might hit up on the small town streets of Seoul. It’s a small space but has a welcoming atmosphere, blue and ivory.
Next to it are friendly and convenient laundry shop and a hair shop, both very convenient for the villagers in the nearby apartments including myself. Within the block, the shop certainly stands out as the only cafe to go sit in for a chat with a friend or a family member for nice desserts and coffee.
A board in front kindly indicating the hours and available merchandise from the store. There are baking classes which I’m excited about. I will definitely try one if I decide I will live here for another year.
Interior of the store was very fancy. I liked the framed tapestry on the wall. The view from inside was nice with the weather gradually starting to signal spring.
On the other side of the wall, there’s another tapestry. It’s a smaller one!
I think all the baked goods in the store come out fresh in the morning. It’s small, but there was variety of menu to be found in the window display.

Dessert and coffee: how was it?

My sister and I both walked into the store with full stomach. Mom always makes a feast whenever my sister comes to a family visit in Sejong, so we had baked shrimps and scallops. Dad doesn’t like shrimps, so he had some marinated squid for his private lunch as well. It was about time for a dessert, but we were both not very hungry. I decided to buy some for a trial though since I also took it special when my sister came for a visit, usually for a once or twice a month.

We bought a roll-cake with cherry cream fillings, and a raspberry macaroon. I didn’t initially wanted to buy coffee, but they had a special blend which made both my sister and me curious about the taste. It was 11000 won for the total of three purchases, and I thought the price was not so bad.

Here’s a funny display of these I made on our dining table back at home:

Take-out coffee sitting next to our cherry roll-cake and a macaroon.
Here they are in a triangular position.
Shot from up top.


The food was okay K. (Not unbiased)

Albeit with full stomachs, we did finish the cake and the macaroon. They were sweet! I thought they were standard from my full stomach view point. The Ms. who owned the shop warned us about the coffee that it’s very dense and it’s double-shot, so we were ready to embrace the blackness of the coffee. I was happy about it. It was quite good. It would have been perfect for the morning. Not so much for the afternoon though, so I decided to pour some hot water in it. The blend was very good, and it mixed well with the sweet, sugary desserts.

Here they are, almost finished on the plate:

Finished cherry cream roll-cake and an almost finished macaroon:)
It was so colorful!

We might visit again soon.

I also found the instagram of the store. So check out by clicking on ‘instagram‘.