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Horumon for omakase in Gangnam, Seoul 060918

How we discovered.

I discovered the place while searching on a foodies app in South Korea. The food, omakase, which means similar to chef’s choices of dinner (sides for drinks included) looked delicious. I suggested a reunion to a friend I haven’t seen for a long time since I came back to South Korea. I was also just starting to see friends from years ago since moving to Seoul in May.


I didn’t calculate the distance well, and it happened to be located very far from both of us. However, making the trip to spend a Saturday evening here was not a problem for either of us.

The address is 72 Hagdongro 97 Road Gangnamgu, Seoul, about 15 minutes walk from Cheongdam station (Line 7).

Food: Omakase

Omakase started with an appetizer made of cow’s intestines, both of the first two with interesting and catchy taste, having the scent of citrus with some of chef’s original addition of yuja sauce.

The first appetizer made of cow’s intestines
Second appetizer with amazing texture. This part of cow’s intestine often come out as appetizers in many barbeque restaurants in Korea. The particular ingredient is called Cheonyup, in Korean.

We ordered beer since when we took a seat in the restaurant it was already around 6:30. They had two brands, Asahi and Kirin beer, and our choice on the Saturday evening was Asahi beer.

After the appetizers, barbequed cow hearts, and other parts of intestines people call Daechang came out. Amazing as ever, they flipped the daechang so it won’t stick on the pan.

For the rest, stew, fried rice, dessert of cream cheese and cabbages followed, with another special addition of marinated beef dish.

Everything was perfect. I loved the fresh texture of beef that went into each menu.

The price is 35000 krw per person.

The food was enough to keep us both full for the rest of the night. I left out the picture of the stew in this post, and they don’t stop carrying out the next dish in just the right timing. We felt well served and appreciated in the restaurant. If I have to rate the food, I would give it four stars!

Nice place to spend a weekend’s evening

We really liked omakase. The chef explained each menu in detail, what ingredients go into the dish, how it’s cooked, how best to eat it, etc. Catching up after the gap of probably more than three years didn’t lead to any dramatic moments, and it was all the same just the way you would feel around old friends. We talked about our dormitory life from almost 8 years back now, and how friends from then seem to have grown and changed over the years

The reunion with my friend was so pleasant that it didn’t feel like so much time has elapsed yet. Perhaps the great service and atmosphere reminiscent of Japan made us feel more bonded despite years we lost contact.




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