Review of La La Land from 2016

A Random Introduction

Despite hearing so many good reviews of this movie, I had not tried to watch on my own time. I couldn’t find my movie buddy because when I wanted to watch, it was already past everyone else’s first or second time watching it. However, with some reviews and songs I heard in the car with my sister this weekend, I ventured to spend some alone time watching this movie on my laptop. It’s a fairly chill weekend, because I just broke up with a guy I was dating, and I was feeling quite torn and conflicted about what happened after all. I hated to admit it, but he was never in love with me, neither did he want to admit anything about feelings involved — it was a pure matter of sexual attraction as he described it. I thought it would be fine at first, but no, it didn’t work out fine that way. I think he may have been trying to see his ex-girlfriend in me, simply because I was Asian. This is unsettling, and I felt awfully down in my self-confidence even trying to bring up the idea or clear evidences of him doing so to anybody, whether it be friends, to him directly, or to anyone else. So I start my random posting of a movie with this part of my feeling not yet shared with anybody close to me. Nobody likes to talk about feelings like this and appear vulnerable to the one’s who are closest. It’s easier to open up to strangers and simply find a point in that we all go through the same things after all.

An Overview, some spoilers included

So there was the movie. It ended with a complete betrayal of my first impression, and I learned why my sister called it realistic when we were listening to the songs from the movie on our way to home. We all dream about things that may happen to us at all the idealistic times, but those daydreams rarely do come true, and when they do, they certainly do have costs and make changes around our life, so the movie was understandable, and quite realistic. Even if the heroine and protagonist got married, it wouldn’t have been as happy and beautiful as it seemed in the dream played in the last song.

So I am beginning with very direct lines of movie’s spoiler, but it was beautiful, beyond comparisons to most other movies I watched because of the romance, and the beautiful scenes of dreaming. In being realistic though, I believe this movie portrays the contrast between the youth and adulthood, as well as the feeling of growing lonely inside the more we grow older. We’ll always have parts in our life, that we won’t be able to share even with the closest around us. Being independent gives us freedom, but also responsibilities and the loneliness from deep within.


Following the Scenes

The pianist with his song fascinating the heroine Mia. Their story practically begins here, perhaps with honking, too. However, this is the more romantic component of it.

Mia through all the unsuccessful auditions.

First time they recognize each other from the past, rather rude encounters.

Frankly feeling nothing, but something started here.

So the dance.

Realizing there’s something going on about this man. The musics remind of him, and you know where you’ll run to. Go Mia go ! Greg here is left alone. Please stop talking about other countries like they’re you’re property man.

The Planetarium. One of the most beautiful scenes in the movie.

This was the most difficult scene of the movie to watch.

The same song with all the dreams and undiscovered paths in life.

Ending leaves me like this.

I am so saddened by the ending of this movie. We only have one choice in life for a partner, and same it goes for a career perhaps the more we grow older. I may be heartbroken to see this, and perhaps struggling too to escape this kind of fate with anybody who come into my life with a touch of romance. I avoid it in general, because I am not confident enough to bear it. I am also the type who would choose my dream over anybody else, not letting me lose myself for love of anything else other than myself. And this is from experience. I know enough not to trust anybody too much. I rarely get hurt by what others do to me, neither do I trust anybody enough to let them hurt me. What if I am hurt though? What if I am heartbroken? Who will know if I don’t show it? I’m just checking to ask questions that are important to my well being, simply put.

What is myself? I read from somewhere I have to ask myself who I really am without the titles, roles, and the communities I belong to. Do I have some traits or interests that are absolute with me? I wasn’t sure if I could answer with confidence. Long ago, I realized I cannot really distance myself from the life that I had, growing up in a small town, getting a dollar for my allowance each week, and not really wanting for more. I love having barbeque with all families seated around a grill with a pot of scallion salad and some lettuce. I am not used to attending some big family meetings or receptions all dressed up, unlike some families around. How will I ever change myself to like the things that I was never used to? Do I really have to?

Oh and the post is turning into a story of self-reflection from the movie, with the reviews as simplified as they can be. Having a lot of thoughts into these matters mean that I am slightly off on a tangent of what I really want, either distracted or confused by what I am doing. To sum it up, I think I was fascinated by the movie from both aspects: for the passion they had for their dreams, and how they came together to support each other so dearly along the paths to their dream. It felt like real love, no matter the ending. They will always love each other. You will always be dear to my heart, no matter what changes happen in life. In my heart, I won’t ever treat you like a stranger, no matter what changes happen in our relationship.


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