Hallim Eup, Jeju Island

Family vacation on Jeju Island. We had a nice time with airbnb enjoying the freedom of cooking in-house, and roaming around the Hyupjae Beach whenever we pleased to go outside. Photo time was epic, and everything else seemed to fit in nicely such as a small excursion to the Hallim Park with a lot of tropical plants and cacti, and a tiny bit of climbing up to Keum Oreum. Oreum is a what Jeju people call the small hills scattered about the island from volcano explosions centuries ago. Each of these oreums have craters on top of them, which Keum Oreum also had and the diameter of this crater was about a few hundred meters.

Photos for more sharing. Food was great, so was all the site-seeings and browsing and tasting of local cafes and bakeries.

Photos from Keum Oreum (금오름)
Crater seen from the top of Keum Oreum (금오름)

Also visited Myungwol Jin Castle (명월진성) from the Choson Dynasty, and it was great. Myung Wol probably means Bright Moon, translated directly from the Chinese character which composes its name. It was a very small castle with no signs in front, giving its name to the visitors. We just knew it was an old castle, and given the overall shortness of the fences surrounding most houses and buildings it was considerably high up.

The entrance fee of Hallim Park is 11,000 KRW for single adult person. Hallim Park is known for hosting a lot of foreign visitors and guests from other countries, and we were able to see some memorial stones and trees from delegated visits from other countries and so forth. Hyupjae Cave and Double Dragon Cave inside the Hallim Park is a great place to visit especially during summer because of the low temperature sustained inside the cave areas. Seeing the stalactites and stalagmites growing inside the cave is a thrilling adventure to be given at a site as peaceful as Jeju Island. There are areas inside the cave where entrance is not allowed, in which other cave creatures like bats inhabit. Explorations would be fun if it is allowed for wanderers and adventurous minds.

Front sign of Hallim Park
Harubang (stone man in Jeju meaning grandpa in Jeju dialect) inside the Hallim Park
Inside the Hyupjae Cave
Last area inside the Hallim Park is “the Garden with Beautiful Birds” with various kinds of birds kept inside this area of the park.
We also met this ostrich who wanted to poke us.
I personally liked Hallim park. It’s a beautiful place to visit especially when the weather is nice and probably in the summer because of the cave that is in the middle of the park’s tour.

I thought anyone who wants to travel Jeju would welcome reading abut these site visits.

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